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How To Change The Property Address of a Report

How To Change The Property Address of a Report

Whether you're in a middle of editing a report, or you have already completed it, an incorrect property address can be changed.

If The Report Is Still In Progress


If your report is still in progress and has not been signed/locked, and there's no existing reports for the current property address, you can easily change the address on the website. Go to the report > link icon.

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When there are no existing reports, the address can be amended. Click Update to make the changes.


If there is an existing report, see the alternative method below.

If The Report Is Complete or There's Existing Reports


Ensure the report has been completed.


Either on the mobile or website, go to Start Report and ensure the new report being created has the correct property address.


Toggle on Copy structure & data from previous reportClick here for a Helpdesk guide that explains copying reports across in more detail.


Locate the previous report with the incorrect address.


Copy defects and photos across.


The contents of the report will be copied across to a new report with the correct address.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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