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Using The Dictionary On The Web App

Using The Dictionary To Add Custom Inspection Areas and Items

We've already added a good range of inspection areas and items in the dictionary, however every property is unique. It's simple to add a new inspection area with custom items

Add a Report Template


Log in to the web app. Please note only the account owner and managers can view the Dictionary.


Click Account in the top right corner of the screen, then select Settings.

Using The Dictionary On The Web App Image


Click Report Settings and then Dictionary.

Using The Dictionary On The Web App Image


To add a new custom inspection area, go to Add area.


Name the new inspection area.


Begin listing items. Items can be removed from the report later on if they are no longer needed.


If the item doesn't appear once you begin typing, simply type the item you need and tap Enter.


Click Add to save the new area to the Dictionary. It will now be available to use in your reports and templates.

Using The Dictionary On The Web App Image

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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