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What Determines The Amount I Pay?

How Do HelloReport Subscriptions Work?

All subscription plans include unlimited reports and users. The price you pay depends on the number of properties you manage within your account.

As you add more properties to your account and you reach a certain threshold, you will need to increase the property limit. When you do this, the amount you pay will increase.

We offer bulk discounts to Enterprise customers who manage more than 500 properties. Please speak to our customer success team for a custom package - contact us via live chat or call on 0191 466 1144.

If You Manage Less Than 500 Properties, You Can Upgrade or Downgrade The Amount of Properties Permitted In Your Account Through The Web App:


Log in to the HelloReport web app.


Go to Account > Settings > Billing > Monthly plan.


Make required changes and click Confirm Plan Change. Find out more about managing your billing here.

If you're an Enterprise customer and looking to upgrade, please speak to our customer success team to make changes to your property limit. Live chat us or call on 0191 466 1144.

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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